Sunday, March 13, 2011


I finally got around to developing the first roll of film from the Yashica today. It's been...umm...a lot of years since the last time I did any film developing, so I was a bit nervous. After watching several YouTube videos to refresh my memory and reading the directions over and over, I finally bit the bullet and loaded up the film. About 20 minutes later, I pulled the lid off and unwound a few inches for a peek...much to my delight, there were images! In fact, all 12 images appear to be at least somewhat usable!

The film is still drying, and I don't have a film scanner yet, but I did take a snapshot of the negatives hanging in the window to dry, just for fun. The backlighting is uneven with the open window behind and the resolution is horrible, so don't judge that quality. But at least there is something to look at until I figure out how I am going to scan them...